Kimmy’s Ringhop

Kimmy’s Ringhop

09242012. Wearing the official CIT-U  ring is a wonderful way to commemorate the achievement of attaining a degree as a symbol of an academic success. Kimmy is my second-degree cousin (mom’s side). She is a 5th year Civil Engineering student and I’m proud of her ^_^


Her mom invited me to join the ceremony. And I accepted the invitation gladly. ❤





The Rigid. Leika (kimmy’s younger sister) and I took a vanity pose during the event not minding the people around us. shlaa nice one! 😉




RED.BLACK.WHITE. So, as you noticed, that event’s motiff were the combination of that three colors. I was with Kimmy..isn’t she gorgeous? 😉




FUNPIC.  nahh.. indeed, wacky pose is more fun than being serious/formal in front of the camera. Aren’t we camera shy?lol




I like this shot. Definitely cute and funny. 😛


instagram picture. My moment to shine. never mind the background..haha





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