“My cool Choco” – An ASPIN (ASONG-PINOY/ Filipino Dog)

Choco is one of the most amazing dogs in the Philippines. My cousin Vince gave him a name.. Choco, like chocolate..that is sweet. Choco is a sweet dog. He never leaves me every time I am at home. No matter what we (my family) do to him like letting him wear clothes or glasses or even make-ups..he doesn’t care or bark….

Choco loves to eat everything. He is not choosy in terms of food not like my other dog “Brownie”…

Last week, when I was in the city..I received a text message from my brother telling me that Choco was being stabbed by a knife in his left foot. .. The text goes like this..I quote “Ate, ang tiil ni Choco kay gitigbas..d kalakaw ron

While reading the text, a surge of emotions was flowing inside of me.. I was so mad at the person who did it to what the hell!!? Thank God, he is ok now.. he can now walk poor dog.. 😦


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