My Dream House

Pictures below are owned by Blue circle Builders which is a Filipino construction company :).

I was looking for my dream house on the internet and found their website that showcases different amazing houses:

My dream house is inspired by two concepts: the ultra modern and tropical residential.

1st choice: I like the design and color of this house.

And also, I love the Horizontal analok aluminum sliding windows


2nd choice: What I like about this house are the following:

the Landscaped lawn and the gate

-Lanai Swimming Pool. I like to have a house with a pool because whenever I’m stressed, I can just go on swimming. Or perhaps, I can invite my friends to have a pool party. Isn’t that exciting? 😀

Kitchen: I love the color. It reflects my personality. Also, I choose this type of kitchen because it’s very simple yet elegant. 🙂

the dining area.. its cute. 🙂

Modern inspired dining area: I like it when there’s a flat screen tv hehe

3rd option of the dining area , ow.. so nice ^_^

this modern inspired kitchen. my 2nd option… amazingly beautiful..


living room or receiving area


bedroom: not my ideal type but i like the sliding door to the balcony

I love to have a balcony in the bedroom facing the seashore or facing where the sun rises at morning or sets at night.

Just in case I am in hurry, I dont need to use the main door.. hehehe!


Entertainment Room 😀

***** a palace…  😉


Soon, I’ll make it come true ❤ But for now, I have to work hard to achieve my long term goal in life..

To God be the Glory.. xoxo


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