This poem I originally wrote in my wattpad but decided to copy and transfer it here in my WordPress blog. 🙂 Enjoy 😉



A smile worth a thousand rhymes,

couldn’t hide the pain I’m keeping inside.


A smile they don’t know what’s the meaning inside,

A life full of sorrows, I always hide.

Be happy, ohh my friends and family,

Looking at me, looking at you.. let’s say Hurray!

Smile curves the straight line..

Be merry, dont worry..I am fine!


When I was looking for that knight,

He left me hugging my kness in the night.

But no worries , I still afford to smile,

because I believe someday

He’ll go back and save my life.


2 Responses to “SMILE”

  1. A smile can create joy in a stranger day. Better to celebrate a new day then swim in sadness. Thank you for the outstanding poetry.

  2. @johncoyote: Agree! Thank you for droppin’ by and reading my simple poem

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