My Nursing Adventure


Several words come to mind when I think about my four years in nursing school:determination, hard work, maturity, and responsibility. All of these words exemplify the personality of a student nurse. When I entered school for nursing, I was always told it was going to be challenging, with long study hours and the responsibility of people’s lives in your hands. Although the thought was scary I was determined to get through it. The truth about being a student nurse, to put it simply, is that it is difficult. I have never met someone who goes through nursing school and says it was easy and not at all challenging. Being a student nurse before  taught me all different kinds of responsibility and has helped me with my personal life more than any experience I have been through. It has shown me I can do anything that I put my mind to and I have become a much more mature person through my experiences at school, at clinical, and working in the hospital as an extern. Through my experience I have realized that it takes a certain person to be a nurse—someone who has the drive to succeed in life, wants to help people, deeply cares about others, and is patient and understanding.

-during my 2nd year college, FIRST RLE DUTY, PSH medical ward –

-3rd year college – PSYCHIA rotation-

– 4th year – SOGOD (out of town duty) graveyard shift, pedia ward –

– 4th year college, ECSH delivery room)

My decision to become a nurse will forever be a choice made for me. Not a day goes by when I don’t think, “What the heck did I get myself into? Do I really want to be a nurse?” In my times of worrying how much I might not have what it takes, I remind myself of days past. Days where patients’ simple words of encouragement and gratitude touched my life are more than the fading memories of time I spent at their bedside.

My greatest tip for future nursing students: Know yourself and why you are becoming a nurse. If care over cure is the foundation of nursing education, then build your studying around that principle. The vast amount of information that incorporates the nursing curriculum will never be fully remembered, but prioritizing what is important and what will make a difference for your patients should be burned into memory. You determine your goals and outcomes, so study hard to make it worth your while. Nursing is about caring for the needs of others, so forget the overachievers who want to beat out everyone, and study for your own future patients. Studying isn’t a competition; it is part of the job description. Ask yourself why you care about this profession, and do what makes you happy. The studying will naturally fall into place if the dedication is there.

– INHOUSE REVIEW: exhausted! »


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