This is how we celebrate it..

HALLOWEEN 2012. Most Filipinos are looking forward to this Holiday celebration.

31st of October.

People who are working far away from their home town start to travel back home to celebrate this special occasion with their loved ones. Last October 31, people didn’t report to their work anymore. They were very busy preparing for Nov. 1 and 2 which we call All Saints Day and All Souls Day respectively.

So, last Oct. 31 was one of the busiest days of the bus terminal/ city link.. And I was one of those people who traveled  back to my hometown.

1st of November.

We were hiking to  visit my uncle’s place which was about 3 kilometers away from our house. I was with my mom, cousins, brother and father. One of the many reasons why I love the province is the view and the fresh air.

I decided to watch a movie than watching horror shows on the television. I watched a movie “Every Child is Special”  and half way, I started crying and barely stopped until it was over. It was probably one of my favorite movies of all times.

The true worth of this thought-provoking film is in its educational value. The film educates the audience about dyslexia and promotes the idea that every child should be treated with love and respect despite his or her faults. A deeper look at the film brings out a bigger picture. The underlying theme is identifiable to anyone who is looked upon as “different”. The movie sees the best in every child even in his any condition and that everyone deserves a room for understanding.. CARE is another way of showing love. ♥

I would recommend this film to anyone. It truly was amazing. 🙂 ♥
Moreover, I also thank Kuya Dennis for letting me borrow his dvd tape which is the “3 IDIOTS”.. Finally, had watched it without any freezing moment in every second you spent on this movie is worth watching..You won’t regret it.. It’s emotional, it’s entertaining, it’s enlightening. The film has tremendous youth appeal.To add more, I have learned so much while watching this movie.-First, I have realized that education is not about success; it’s about pursuing excellence and doing what you are passionate about. In the end, success will chase you.

-Second, never memorize your lessons but understand..haha 🙂
-Third, BE HUMBLE.
-Fourth, the true value of friendship.
– Fifth, live every moment of your life to the fullest as if today is your last day. Conquer all your fears.. 🙂 ♥
– Lastly, life is all about listening to your heart and chasing your dreams. . ♥Pants down and palms up! wew! 😀
The night of November 1, we were offering a prayer with candles, flowers and foods in the altar. Most of the foods were native delicacies like, puto, suman, biko along with other recipes, beefsteak, fried chicken, pasta, rice etc.
2nd of November.
Around 9am in the morning, we went to the cemetery to offer another prayers and lighted candles for my dead loved ones.  As usual, so many people were doing the same. It was very warm that time because of the heat coming from the sun. Well, anyway.. I was glad I’ve  survived it without any dehydration heheh.
And now, I am ready to sleep because I am too tired from today’s activity.  Good night Philippines. 🙂



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