New Year!

I want to thank year 2012 for it has really been a good one for me. To my family and friends whom I choose to call as my support system, thank you so much for spending your year 2012 with me, hopefully, you guys will still be present in 2013. To our Father God, the One who always reminds me to keep my feet always on the ground but my head up to Him, words are not enough to express how thankful I am to you. Thank you so much Lord for being such a good provider, for showering all the blessings upon me; thank you for the good people You put in my life specifically my family who never gets tired of supporting and loving me despite my imperfection; thank you for all the lessons I’ve learned this year and for all the things I’ve prayed which you’ve had answered always at the right time. Thank you, thank you for everything Papa God. ♥

To 2013, I know, I can feel that you will bring the rainbow and sun for me. If 2012 brought fruits of my labor, you, on the other side, will bring the rainbow after the rain I’ve encountered in the past years. I know better days are coming. He has great plans for me and I trust Him more than I trust myself. Day by day, I become less afraid of what tomorrow might bring. I become more motivated to achieve all my dreams in life. To God be all the GloryBring it on 2013! ♥


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