07-13-13 | BYE Emergency Room


Late upload.


JGH. Tired but happy and contented!

Yahooo, finally, goodbye to morning shift! No more sleepy morning! nyahaha. However, I will never forget this rotation because it has taught me many things about E.R. such as good observation, assessment, and prioritization skills. It also has encouraged me that when opportunities to learn something new come along, I should take them and should not be afraid to ask questions because there’s a wealth of knowledge to be gained from the staff. Thank You E.R staff.. Thank you Lord God for today!  🙂


Hello next rota, pm shift, ICU.. 

Lesson learned. Patients don’t remember you for inserting their IV, taking their blood pressure, or giving their meds on time. Patients will remember your compassion, empathy and the number of times you were available to hold their hand. Being a nurse is not just about completing tasks.


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