July 04/2013 | Nameplate claimed.

It’s true that being anxious about tomorrow, or some possible event that “might” happen in the future, only serves one purposeto distract us from that which we could (and should) be doing now, today. Imagine just how much time is lost in worry and fret about things that never even come to pass. When you ponder THAT, doesn’t it seem like a tremendous (and silly) waste of time? Live for THIS day, not in fear of what tomorrow may holdbe present!

I always think of the future esp. before going to sleep… but then I realized that I have to be present.. so as not to ruin what tomorrow might bring. I have so many plans and goals in life but they’re nothing if I wont do anything today and just worry about the next day.

Anyway, I was glad that I received my nameplate yesterday, july 4. I had a toxic duty last nighta tiring NOC shift but I enjoyed caring people. ^_^ Woke-up today at 2pm… decided to post this instead on my day off.

Oh before I lost my excitement, 2 days left before my 23rd birthday, JULY 7. HAHAHA.. O’GEEE getting olderrrrrrr u_u

Till next time. xx



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