092013 Save the best for last..


Since I became a registered nurse, nursing has offered me not only a rewarding career but a way to give back to society. It has allowed me to enter people’s lives and touch them, even if only for a brief moment. I have been fortunate enough to be able to both laugh and cry with my patients, often all in the same shift. I have seen births and witnessed deaths, both of which can be very rewarding. Holding someone’s hand as they let go from the world can be very emotionally draining for a nurse but also gratifying at the same time, knowing that you have done all you can to help that patient and accompanied him as he entered another place. Nursing has allowed me the opportunity to care for the sick, promote health in the well, and advocate for all.
Nursing has brought me a great many friendships and mentors that I cherish. It has taught me to be selfless and to give more of myself and expect less from others. Nursing has taught me about being a professional and earning respect, not expecting it. It has taught me about leadership and teamwork, both of which are necessary to succeed in this profession.

Lastly, this profession has taught me that as one door closes another door opens, allowing for countless opportunities as a registered nurse.

Haaay, Thank You Adventist Hospital Cebu for all!


3 Responses to “092013 Save the best for last..”

  1. What an inspiration you are!! I loved reading your post & seeing it from a qualified professionals point of view!

    I’m currently a student nurse & would love for you to take a look at my blog & share your views. Any advice for my worries and anxieties would be so appreciated!! I’m very overwhelmed with it all 🙂

    • Hello dear! Sorry for the very late response! I seldom visit my blog due to some personal reasons. However, I am so glad about your comment. Thank you so much for appreciating.. As a Registered nurse, I can advise you as a student nurse to always think positive and never ever lose hope about our profession even if there are a lot of pressures that we’ll encounter thru. Next, Think BIG. Think that you’re already a Registered Nurse… it will boost your confidence. Then lastly, always have compassion in your heart. To be a nurse is selfless, it requires compassion and preparedness to care for other people no matter what the circumstances we are dealing with may it be for personal or not. Well, that’s all I can share with you. Hope you appreciate it. Take care! 😀

  2. typographical error: *may it be personal or not* rather..

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