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With positive attitude..

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I will and I can conquer everything.

Life can change in an instant, so embrace the day with positive thoughts and actions. Remember, no matter how tall the mountain,it cannot block out the sun..

~NOC shift later.. praying for God’s guidance as I give my holistic care to my assigned patients later, to keep me awake and have presence of mind for the whole shift.



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hahaha sabi nila bagay kami pero anak ng tokwa naman, pinakamatalik kong kaibigan lang naman kaso hinahaluan ng malisya o pinagkakatuwaan kami ng mga kaibigan namin..paano ba naman, bagay daw kaming dalawa.. matutuwa ba ako kapag nalaman nyong BAKLA yan? hahaha haaay naku, mga kaibigan talaga (POKER FACE)


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080113 | Hello AUGUST!

Another month, another chance to achieve my goals in life. And for a change, I have tried wearing a cute glasses (not mine) from a dutymate of mine. I’ve asked her about my appearance, if i look like a genius or what haha. And thennnnnnn an idea popped in my head telling me that I should have be a pediatric doctor or a surgeon. haha, the other side of my head’s laughing at me telling me “oh come’on, delusion of grandeur!”  But anyway, this is just a post sharing you my geeky side. char! 🙂 Waley or Havey?


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True happiness comes not from your circumstances, but knowing that God is in control no matter what is going on in your life – Rom 8:28

Being a nurse..

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A picture break last night in the nursery. 🙂

My Pink BURPDAY :)

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Late upload.

07-07-2013 / BIRTHDAY



Thank you, God, for giving me another year of life.
Thank you for all the people who remembered me today
by sending cards, and letters, gifts and good wishes.

Thank you for all the experience of this past year;
for times of success which will always be happy memories,
for times of failure which reminded me of my own weakness and of my need for you,
for times of joy when the sun was shining,
for times of sadness which drove me to you.

Forgive me
for the hours I wasted,
for the chances I failed to take,
for the opportunities I missed this past year.
Help me in the days ahead to make this the best year yet,
and through it to bring good credit to myself,
happiness and pride to my loved ones,
and joy to you. Amen.


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Hello to my new weight which is 45kg from 39kg. I am very glad to finally reach my desired weight. Yehey!!!!!! And tadaaaa am feeling like a blooming flower waiting for the bee lol..

8days absent from my single diary but I think you guys are getting used to my absences.. like you care right? hehe.. Anyway, nothing’s new about my lovelifebut unfortunately, in talking about my crush life, I think the heart of my gorgeous conceited crush beats for another flowerbut it’s okay with me.. I’ll just look for another bee. nyehehe!

Other than sharing about my crush life, I am also excited about my orientation next week. Hopefully, I’ll have the best duty shift and duty rotations ever. I so misssssss wearing white uniforms with my nursing cap. Help me God. Hoping too that God will always guide me wherever I amso mom won’t be worried about me getting home late after duty. That’s all for today. Ciao! 🙂