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The holy place is commonly known by locals as Birhen Sa Simala Church, filled with miraculous testimonials from devotees, believers and visitors who witnessed the event during the shedding of blood tears of Mother Mary’s image. . The sculpture of Miraculous Mother Mary at the Monastery of the Holy Eucharist is located at Marian Hills, Lindogon, Simala, Sibonga, Cebu, Philippines.


STUDYING- student dying?

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Since college, I’ve hated studying MCN (Mother/Child Nursing) REALLY! Hooh

I am reviewing right now to refresh some lessons about nursing. Well, am so bored and i need a motivation. Tumblr perhaps? :p

I wish I was a RAINDROP!

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..Because they are the bravest things that God made since they are not afraid of falling.

Eversince, one of my fears is FALLING. FALLING in everything. Falling from top to the ground, desired goals falling (failures) and falling in love. FALLING sounds really scary… It scares me because I know my emotions are attached to that frightening word and knowing my emotion? well, kinda bipolar.

A little rain in the moonlight

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The cold night inspires me to write something not so important after watching 3 movies consecutively, and its really hard typing every letter of my word coz I have turned off the lights already. I only have the light coming from the screen of my lappy. I won’t turn the lamp ON for my cousin who I shared my room with is already on her REM stage of sleep. And before I forgot sharing the great inspiring romantic movies I watched awhile ago.. here: SOMETHING BORROWED, THE GIRL NEXT DOOR and THE BACKUP PLAN. I recommend them to you and you won’t waste any of your time. Genres: comedy, romance and a lil bit of drama. 🙂

On the other side of the coin, I would like to evince the desires, thoughts and feelings I have been keeping for too long. I was always imagining things lately before I go to sleep. Those which won’t happen in reality ( I THINK, BUT DUNNO). Just like the title of this blog, is it possible to have a rain in the moonlight„guess no and so do my vivid imaginations and illusions. sigh!

Lastly.. so grateful it rains tonight. I remember memories again as I am listening to the sounds of raindrop as it falls on the rooftop; and it lights up my night though mr. moon is out of my sight (Oh God I sound so cliché). And just like the old days, I will whisper those words again and again that only the calm night wind can hear.



I can finally say that my life was worth the struggle

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because when I looked back on what I’ve lost, I realized that what I have now is way better…

I even cried a river of tears before but the blessings pour down afterwards. The ocean of happiness that comes out after the storm is worth it. The sufferings that bended my knees taught me to stand up and fight again. After all, I am way better today than yesterday.

I believe everything happens for a reason,people change so you can learn to let go and sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together.


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There came a point in my life where there was no one i wanted to talk to or hear from. No one trustworthy but the silent sky…– Frank Ocean



I always thought of sleeping above the sky, or above those cottony clouds… how i wish it’s possible. I wanna be there for awhile, hiding from my fears, running from  my problems and away from nuisance. If only…

A perfect love story….

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but not.

“True love is like a psychic experience. Everyone tells ghost stories, but few have ever seen a ghost.”

Sometimes, I always imagine that I have a very nice love story. But Ops! I’m not talking about the stories we’ve known already like all those in fairy tales or those romantic stories in Hollywood. I’m talking about my “OWN” love story where I can be myself with the man I love. Those situations where our incompatibilities make us one, times like we never give up each other no matter how hard the situation is, those moments where we just cuddle, staring each other like we have an eye to eye contact conversation. He doesn’t need to show me that I’m special as long as he can offer me his faithfulness, love and respect or let’s just say, fidelity is very important to me. What I don’t like in a relationship is a partner who’s so possessive.

Moreover, I believe that love is about the right timing. I know it’s not yet the right time for me. But I’m hoping if I’m gonna find my right man soon, he’s definitely worth the wait for my nice even if not a perfect love story. 🙂