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Wrapping It Up! (late post)

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I was super busy these days that I didn’t even have rest days for two weeks due to the under staffing of our hospital. I can sometimes feel the stress but I am happy with my work.. Every time I give my holistic care to my patients, that unexplainable feeling inside me is telling me something I can hardly grasp.


For the past two weeks, my feet were just roaming around the hallways and rooms of my patients. I realized I only went home to sleep then got up for duty again. Sometimes, my mind keeps on telling me to give-up and have a rest…

Giving medications to  8/9 patients is not an easy task especially if their medications are given through IVTT.. You have to know “MR. TIME MANAGEMENT” and not to forget the basic rights in administering medications.

 But then I realized that all the hard tasks in my profession are now part of my life. I then, promise to myself that I will always try me best  and keep on the motivation to work everyday though most of the time we have a toxic shift. 

I also thank my supportive workmates for being there with me, for making the work more easier because we get along… (buyag!) hehehe. Furthermore, I also thank those patients who give us foods during their discharge. hehehe



01/11/13 NURSERY

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I was a certified yaya today so while the baby’s asleep, yaya nurse is on her selfie mode.. lols. 🙂 It’s been awhile since the last time I posted about my nursing career.. ♥


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010714 Vitamins given by the hospital for free to boost our immune system for optimal immunity against harmful germs and a box of cute adhesive bandage! Hasthtag#thankyouAHC yey!  ☤ ☤

Double off? Nope..

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I was absent from work yesterday and today’s my off. I am planning not to go on duty tomorrow if the weather’s too bad.. Maybe that will be the time I’m going to experience FORCE MAJEURE.

You know, so many things are running on my mind right now like questions that I don’t know what to answer. Last October 15, we experienced Earthquake here in Cebu and another calamity will again test our faith and preparedness this week… yea, have you heard the news about Super Typhoon #Yolanda that will hit Central Visayas? Ugggghhh when will all of these end?

I am really confused about my responsibility whether to go on duty tomorrow or not. My profession isn’t easy. Being a nurse is not easy… it is selfless. Serving humanity is easy but it becomes hard when nature is your enemy. 😦

This is not goodbye…

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“because life is a gift, we should cherish it, love it and never take it for granted…Many people are trying their best to survive but left with no choice to say goodbye – Super Anj “


As what I have told you in my last blog… last 26th was a bipolar night for me… one of the reasons that me and my mom had a lil argument was because I forced her to permit me to be in a wake of Daddy ( one of my fave patients) Unfortunately, he wasn’t able to survive his illness… but I know he’s happy now and not in distress.. I remember before, he always told me that he’s very tired and he wanted to rest forever…. He even cracked jokes at me telling me.. “GOODBYE!”

The time I heard the news that he died last 24th, 11pm… I was very sad at the same time those memories we had together were flashing… Daddy wherever you are right now, remember that I care for you and you will forever be missed by your angels…. ❤ May your soul rest in peace 🙂

092413 | TheComicalSkit – Team Conjuring ;)

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Twas a blast, a successful presentation from my team showcasing the different scenes in the hospital. 🙂 yey, I played the role of an O.R nurse at same time, the elevator girl. 🙂

092013 Save the best for last..

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Since I became a registered nurse, nursing has offered me not only a rewarding career but a way to give back to society. It has allowed me to enter people’s lives and touch them, even if only for a brief moment. I have been fortunate enough to be able to both laugh and cry with my patients, often all in the same shift. I have seen births and witnessed deaths, both of which can be very rewarding. Holding someone’s hand as they let go from the world can be very emotionally draining for a nurse but also gratifying at the same time, knowing that you have done all you can to help that patient and accompanied him as he entered another place. Nursing has allowed me the opportunity to care for the sick, promote health in the well, and advocate for all.
Nursing has brought me a great many friendships and mentors that I cherish. It has taught me to be selfless and to give more of myself and expect less from others. Nursing has taught me about being a professional and earning respect, not expecting it. It has taught me about leadership and teamwork, both of which are necessary to succeed in this profession.

Lastly, this profession has taught me that as one door closes another door opens, allowing for countless opportunities as a registered nurse.

Haaay, Thank You Adventist Hospital Cebu for all!