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Life in the Making

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Better days are coming,

Sun is brightly shining.

Tomorrow’s a new beginning,

For a wonderful life in the making.

Be brave in the journey,

Pilgrims in the paradise today.

Just keep the faith to see,

That He’s there with you, yesterday and today.

Be like a balloon,

Let go hatred so you’ll reach the top.

Fly, fly and fly up above the sky.


You Can But Can’t

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You can close your eyes to the things you don’t wanna see

But you know deep inside, heart can still see.

You can lie to people that you’re okay

But the truth from your eyes,  all they ask is a lil honesty.

You can run from your fears which haunted you every day

But you can’t move forward if you don’t face the reality.

You can stop right now from this journey anyway,

But still, you can’t for the reason life must stay.

The bittersweet irony of life, I must say.

Love is where you are…

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Magic in your eyes, sparkling through mine..

Your smile that flashes light, it’s like sunshine in the sky.

You color my dark side with your paintings that are so nice…

You ask me what’s my favorite shade, it’s you I said.

It’s like I’m dreaming in the night,

For a brave like you my knight.

Hope is where my heart,

The heart is where my love

Love is where you are.

Too far from being one…

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Your tongue is as sweet as a candy; every girl would love to chat you every day…

Your face that is so charming for me, I’m sure you’re wanted by many.

I can say you’re a happy go lucky, freedom is yours every day.

Definitely not my ideal guy, so why I am acting this way?

Knowing you every day is like reading a book in the library.

I hate reading the book because I don’t like the story.

But then I was bored so I decided to read it, chapters too many

Each chapter I’ve learned something interesting bout you, perfectly.

You’re sweet because you have a sweet family..

Loving, caring and living happily.

I’ve found out that you was hurt one day..

That made your heart a stone today.

While reading in a library every day, I want to borrow the book and bring it with me..

But then the librarian won’t allow me because I don’t have a card library.hehe..

But then one day, fate brought you to me.

I don’t know the real story but one night I found the book beside my diary.

I have started to read it day by day..

And every day I am starting to like the book I hate on the first day..

I’m confused why I am acting this way. Maybe because I just missed you today. 🙂

The Pilgrims Journey

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Riding on a train, never know where I’ve been;
Train that so long, strangers all along.
So many routes, I don’t know what this all about;
Lost my way out, fears will burst out.

Hiding this sorrow for the sake of my tomorrow,
A life that is like an arrow, it teaches me how to grow.
I wish a simple journey, for me to arrive safely,
But God has great plans for me, so I will let it be.



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Life untold by nerdy

Secrets like smoke, grasp if you can

Thus you can keep, cover your eyes

It hurts like hell, oh my dear Madeline.


Smoke that hurts,

The covering won’t.

They say, after the truth had been told.

Relationships are broken.

Better to lie to make it strong…

Than the smoke that burnt all the memories of the eyes.


by: SuperAnj



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This poem I originally wrote in my wattpad but decided to copy and transfer it here in my WordPress blog. 🙂 Enjoy 😉



A smile worth a thousand rhymes,

couldn’t hide the pain I’m keeping inside.


A smile they don’t know what’s the meaning inside,

A life full of sorrows, I always hide.

Be happy, ohh my friends and family,

Looking at me, looking at you.. let’s say Hurray!

Smile curves the straight line..

Be merry, dont worry..I am fine!


When I was looking for that knight,

He left me hugging my kness in the night.

But no worries , I still afford to smile,

because I believe someday

He’ll go back and save my life.