Give a Heart!

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Central Philippines was badly hit by super typhoon Haiyan. This super typhoon, according to reports, was the strongest storm to hit landfall in recorded history. Images from the badly hit cities are heartbreaking. Every day, the victims cried out for food, water, and clothing that these people run into troubles of hunting their own food over time. The winner killsthe loser dies! :( YET NOTHING IS IN FULL CONTROL. These people, we call them survivors but what possibly happens next is that they might die the same!

Our hearts do understand & try not to put us in rage despite the crisis that these people are extremely burning out their own candles! Let us all feel the need of these people not just in Tacloban City but to those who are equally dying in pain & hunger, equally homeless orphans in other places like Bogo, Bantayan Island, Leyte, & Ormoc.

I know our country can get through this. Filipinos know typhoons better than anyone else. And we know how to get up after a catastrophe and still remember how to smile. But we can’t do it alone. We need help. All we need to give is a fair share. Give a heart! : Our group will have a Feeding Program this coming November 25 at the Northern part of Cebu. So, I humbly ask anybody who reads this to spare a little bit of any donations (foods, clothing, over the counter medicine and personal hygiene items) for the victims of Haiyan. We also accept monetary donations. For those who would like to donate, please contact me or message me here on Facebook. You don’t need to have super powers to become a hero :)


Double off? Nope..

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I was absent from work yesterday and today’s my off. I am planning not to go on duty tomorrow if the weather’s too bad.. Maybe that will be the time I’m going to experience FORCE MAJEURE.

You know, so many things are running on my mind right now like questions that I don’t know what to answer. Last October 15, we experienced Earthquake here in Cebu and another calamity will again test our faith and preparedness this week… yea, have you heard the news about Super Typhoon #Yolanda that will hit Central Visayas? Ugggghhh when will all of these end?

I am really confused about my responsibility whether to go on duty tomorrow or not. My profession isn’t easy. Being a nurse is not easy… it is selfless. Serving humanity is easy but it becomes hard when nature is your enemy. 😦

This is not goodbye…

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“because life is a gift, we should cherish it, love it and never take it for granted…Many people are trying their best to survive but left with no choice to say goodbye – Super Anj “


As what I have told you in my last blog… last 26th was a bipolar night for me… one of the reasons that me and my mom had a lil argument was because I forced her to permit me to be in a wake of Daddy ( one of my fave patients) Unfortunately, he wasn’t able to survive his illness… but I know he’s happy now and not in distress.. I remember before, he always told me that he’s very tired and he wanted to rest forever…. He even cracked jokes at me telling me.. “GOODBYE!”

The time I heard the news that he died last 24th, 11pm… I was very sad at the same time those memories we had together were flashing… Daddy wherever you are right now, remember that I care for you and you will forever be missed by your angels…. ❤ May your soul rest in peace 🙂

The day after the heartbreak..

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I was not in my usual happy mood last October 26 because my mom and I had a misunderstanding… but then, even if I was so down and very disappointed… I was thankful that I have friends that will always be there for me thru good or bad. It was like a bipolar night for me due to the reason that Eleanor, one of my friends.. called  our boarding house via phone and my mom was the one who answered it. We had a plan to celebrate the fiesta at Halmes’ place so she decided to ask the persmission of my mom. And me, forgetting to give her a briefing about what Ive told mom.. she told her that we will go to the fiesta instead of telling a lie. YAH! I lied to my mom just for me to go with my friends because my family decided to go back to our hometown in the morning instead of the aftie… so I have no choice but to tell a lie just for her to let me just follow them in the aftie… but gladly, it was all settled… I was, luckily, able to celebrate the fiesta with my friends.. 😀 

11/02/13 Saints & Souls

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Together with my family, we celebrated our “UNDAS” in my hometown. After a very tiring night shift from work last Oct. 31.. I survived the Zombie mode and was able to surpassed the line in the terminal coz of countless passengers that were also excited about going home to celebrate their Undas. I thought I would not make it to be home because of my busy schedule but gladly, God found ways ^_^

I only slept  a maximum of 2 hours a day from Nov. 1 to Nov. 3… I was so tired and just had my rest last night.. today’s my off and will be on duty again tomorrow morning. sigh. Anyway, here are the random pictures taken last Nov. 1 and 2.. ❤


~together with my cousins: Day 2 :The day wherein we will be in the cemetery to offer prayers and flowers to our loved ones who passed away. I forgot to tell you that we stayed all night in the cemetery last Nov. 1 til the morning of Nov. 2.. 😀 That’s one of the reasons why I dont have enough proper sleep. :p


Nov 1 : we’ve had this thing since before, praying for all the souls and saints in heaven.. foods were being offered in front of the altar. After that, the food will be served in the table ❤


With positive attitude..

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I will and I can conquer everything.

Life can change in an instant, so embrace the day with positive thoughts and actions. Remember, no matter how tall the mountain,it cannot block out the sun..

~NOC shift later.. praying for God’s guidance as I give my holistic care to my assigned patients later, to keep me awake and have presence of mind for the whole shift.


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