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Every relationship can be a lesson in self-worth. The person who is the hardest to forgive is the one who can teach you the greatest lessons. It’s important to remember, that if you believe that “We Are All One,” its virtually impossible to find that hurting another “feels good.” For hurting another means hurting yourself. So-called “irresponsible behavior” vanishes and you’re gifted with the freedom to create a new life.


To Forget the Past

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Allow me to share this with you. I have tried relating my little knowledge about Amnesia into forgetting someone you loved.

Having these types of amnesia is very useful if someone wants to forget one specific thing/person in the past. Bulleted below:

  •  Repressed memory, one of the various types of amnesia that refers to the inability to recall information, usually about stressful or traumatic events in persons’ lives. For an instance,Rejection, for some people, is very traumatic. With this type of amnesia, you won’t be able to remember even tiny details about the incident.
  •  Lacunar amnesia which is the loss of memory about one specific event. For an instance, forgetting those sweet moments you and your ex had.
  • Prosopamnesia is the inability to recognize or remember faces, even in the presence of intact facial recognition capabilities. If that will happen, then you won’t remember the person you like to forget the most even if you will meet accidentally.

When Reality strikes…

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It’s true. Happiness cures everything and transforms the black and white into a rainbow but when everything turns to its dark side, that’s the time we realized that life is not happiness at all. Just like the story of Cinderella, we have to go back into reality when the fairy tale is over.

Yung feeling na…

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hindi ka pinapansin ng gusto mo.. </3

Ang hirap kung ikaw lang ang may gusto sa kanya.. grabe! >_<