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The holy place is commonly known by locals as Birhen Sa Simala Church, filled with miraculous testimonials from devotees, believers and visitors who witnessed the event during the shedding of blood tears of Mother Mary’s image. . The sculpture of Miraculous Mother Mary at the Monastery of the Holy Eucharist is located at Marian Hills, Lindogon, Simala, Sibonga, Cebu, Philippines.



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090613 | Last day duty in the Operating Room

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I work in a profession that puts no cap on learning, each day is filled with new and exciting learning experiences. I learned to always assume that our sedated patient can hear us; to ALWAYS treat ALL patients with respect. I also realized that when I have an opportunity to learn something new, I should grab it with both hands. Sometimes, we have to sacrifice our personal needs like meals, needing to go to the comfort room, etc. How to communicate with grouchy, mean doctors was not taught in pathophysiology.. good thing I was ready to deal with docs who frankly see me as the bane of their existence. haha! Ok, I’m generalizing here, yet the truth remains..  Lastly I was not prepared for the camaraderie I would form with the doctors and nurses I work with and the patients I care for. We nurses are in a business of people: good, bad, beautiful, ugly, functional, dysfunctional, alive and dead. People are our vocation as RNs and nothing is more rewarding than that!  Indeed, nurses are LIFETIME learners. charvakee!

Fashion should be FUN

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The most important thing for me is to feel good. Not only comfortable but also happy with what I’m wearing. I’m not an ultra- feminine type dresser, and I’m not the neatest dresser either. But I  love fashion, but unlike most fashionable folks. I’m no snob or label lover. In fact, the thing I like most about fashion is being able to try on different looks. I’m very eclectic.  I’m the type to mix and match interesting items. I’ll wear something designer with something discount. Or I’ll sport something classic with something vintage. I truly believe that fashion should be fun. And you’re having a lot of fun breaking all of the rules… 🙂

3/29/2013 BINIGNIT.

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Glutinous rice porridge with coconut cream, blended with some fruits and root crops like yam, sweet potato, and the like, sweetened with sugar..

A Dazzling Christmas 2012

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A DAZZLING CHRISTMAS. O yes.. Finally had taken a picture with the BIG CHRISTMAS TREE in SM. lol. Beside me: Monna 🙂


TRES MARIAS. Nhamie asked the handsome man to take a picture of us. He said, I quote, “Um, I don’t know how to use this camera..” and then he smiled with the cutest smile. Nhamie taught him how to..and then Viola, this is the result. 🙂


THE RED COUCH. Waiting for Santa 🙂


Where to go?


Tongue OUT.. Twas the time when Nhamie called me to have a wacky pose.


*Insert Englsih caption * bla.bla. :z





The two guys in the DVD store..

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Today’s just an ordinary day. While I was on my way back to my place, I’ve thought that I want to watch a new Korean/ Taiwanese Movie so I decided to drop by in the nearest dvd store. I was so busy looking for a romantic and comedy Korean movie when these two guys (so many pierced earrings in their ears) suddenly appeared beside me. Like me, they were also busy looking for movies. I was so

annoyed at them because they’re smoking and I hate it because the more secondhand smoke you are exposed to, the higher the level of these harmful chemicals in your body.

A minute after that, one guy opened the plastic bag and the other guy transferred all the dvd tapes inside. (almost 30 dvd tapes).. When I looked at them, they suddenly turned around and then left the store just like nothing happen. I was shocked, I thought they would buy all those dvd tapes. I told the owner that those two guys are thieves. Thanks God the owner had found ways to get those thieves and their dvd tapes back.

Anyway, I am writing you this letter Lord to let you know how thankful I am to you. I meet a lot of people everyday and that means there’s a greater possibility that danger’s always following me. But you, as always, never leave my side, always guiding and protecting me.

Always grateful,