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with my bestfriend Shy Shane

Thank you for the FRIENDSHIP… 

15 years and counting…

I wish we’d grow old friends together. We would hang out and talk. Maybe we could even bring our grandchildren along and they would ask, How long have you been friends? And we’ll smile and say, Almost forever.

Flashing memories: 

8y/o: We’re in the same class, Grade 2 -Daisy. We had the same bags (guroyguroy), same hairstyle, same outfits and same likes. We played at Christelle’s house and our fave games were “Balay-balay” , “TUBIG-TUBIG”, biking and skating.
9Y/O: Do you still remember our first fight? It was during our Christmas Party wherein you had a new friend Jane (baden) and I had Kathy. haha! silly us! 😉 W e were jealous of having a new friend but in the end, we still couldn’t afford to hate each other.
10-11y/o: The teachers decided to separate us because we were so talkative. So those years, we were not classmates anymore but still, we always find ways. 😉
12y/o: I will never forget that year because that was the year you proved to me that you will never leave me no matter what even if all of our friends left us. The time I had a quarrel with our former classmate, all of my friends left me except you. And I was so glad I have a friend like you. I would rather have one friend who is true to me than a bunch of them but aren’t loyal and real. ♥
13-16y/o: High school years seem so hard for me because you were in a different school and I found it hard to trust somebody before. I only trust you. But even if we were in diff. school.. we still have ways to chat and have time for each other.
17y/o: HELLO COLLEGE YEARS. Fortunately, we were at the same college and the same course. BESTFRIEND JUD TA. 🙂
21Y/0: We both passed the NLE.. AND BOTH PROFESSIONALS 🙂
22Y/O: Present.. We seldom meet each other but still we always find ways.. Hope to see you soon BESTIE. IMY. you..


Once upon a time….

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So, out of boredom I decided to make another blog about my little world, how I live my life, how I love capturing moments both the sad and happy ones, and how I save memories until now. I don’t know how to start it but then I realized that I should start from the very beginning of my life..

I hate to bore you to death so I will make it straight to the point without any flowery words from my mouth. haha! 😀

22 years ago, I was born in a not so popular, small but clean lying-in clinic in the City of Stars, Quezon City, Philippines. My mom told me that I was very small but cute baby when she cradled me in her arms, got a 6.5lbs and always crying even if she was done feeding me… (now I know the reason why I’m so noisy until now) 😉 She also said that during my baptism was also my eldest brother’s burial. The first time I heard that from mom, I was so sad… imagining how lonely people during my baptism…  My parents decided to craved a name Angela for me because they think I am an Angel sent from heaven. An Angel who brings back their happiness after a very traumatic event of their lives..the death of my Kuya.

I grew up in Cebu. A place where we started our life again. Cebu is my mother’s hometown. And in Cebu, I started collecting memories. ❤



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