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Every relationship can be a lesson in self-worth. The person who is the hardest to forgive is the one who can teach you the greatest lessons. It’s important to remember, that if you believe that “We Are All One,” its virtually impossible to find that hurting another “feels good.” For hurting another means hurting yourself. So-called “irresponsible behavior” vanishes and you’re gifted with the freedom to create a new life.


The kind of relationship I like..

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Someone asked me to choose between having a compatible relationship or the contrary which has lots of differences. I opt for the latter.


Simply because of some reasons. First, having a magnet-like relationship is such a challenging one. It needs more effort, a lot of patience and more understanding. But even if it demands a lot from you, still it helps both the couple to grow. Second, opposite attracts. Of course it’s true, well, that’s what I believe due to the reason that you are very curious about your partner and so you’ll find ways to discover things about her/him; about her/his personality, what are the things that will make him/her happy, or let’s just say you wanna know everything about him/her. Discovering things about your partner attracts you more and pull you closer to him/her. Lastly, you’ll learn vast amounts of lessons for this kind of relationship and it will make you more mature as you both face your differences in life.


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The guy is soo cute and the girl as well. I posted this for the reason that I love the guy’s move/strategy.. sweeeeet though lil funny 😀


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This poem I originally wrote in my wattpad but decided to copy and transfer it here in my WordPress blog. 🙂 Enjoy 😉



A smile worth a thousand rhymes,

couldn’t hide the pain I’m keeping inside.


A smile they don’t know what’s the meaning inside,

A life full of sorrows, I always hide.

Be happy, ohh my friends and family,

Looking at me, looking at you.. let’s say Hurray!

Smile curves the straight line..

Be merry, dont worry..I am fine!


When I was looking for that knight,

He left me hugging my kness in the night.

But no worries , I still afford to smile,

because I believe someday

He’ll go back and save my life.