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Pop! Look who’s making fun on my attendance sheet.. someone’s putting some smileys, hearty’s and flower2 lol. It’s weird, mushy, yet sweet. Made me laugh though. :p



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Hello to my new weight which is 45kg from 39kg. I am very glad to finally reach my desired weight. Yehey!!!!!! And tadaaaa am feeling like a blooming flower waiting for the bee lol..

8days absent from my single diary but I think you guys are getting used to my absences.. like you care right? hehe.. Anyway, nothing’s new about my lovelifebut unfortunately, in talking about my crush life, I think the heart of my gorgeous conceited crush beats for another flowerbut it’s okay with me.. I’ll just look for another bee. nyehehe!

Other than sharing about my crush life, I am also excited about my orientation next week. Hopefully, I’ll have the best duty shift and duty rotations ever. I so misssssss wearing white uniforms with my nursing cap. Help me God. Hoping too that God will always guide me wherever I amso mom won’t be worried about me getting home late after duty. That’s all for today. Ciao! 🙂

Too far from being one…

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Your tongue is as sweet as a candy; every girl would love to chat you every day…

Your face that is so charming for me, I’m sure you’re wanted by many.

I can say you’re a happy go lucky, freedom is yours every day.

Definitely not my ideal guy, so why I am acting this way?

Knowing you every day is like reading a book in the library.

I hate reading the book because I don’t like the story.

But then I was bored so I decided to read it, chapters too many

Each chapter I’ve learned something interesting bout you, perfectly.

You’re sweet because you have a sweet family..

Loving, caring and living happily.

I’ve found out that you was hurt one day..

That made your heart a stone today.

While reading in a library every day, I want to borrow the book and bring it with me..

But then the librarian won’t allow me because I don’t have a card library.hehe..

But then one day, fate brought you to me.

I don’t know the real story but one night I found the book beside my diary.

I have started to read it day by day..

And every day I am starting to like the book I hate on the first day..

I’m confused why I am acting this way. Maybe because I just missed you today. 🙂

Yung feeling na…

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hindi ka pinapansin ng gusto mo.. </3

Ang hirap kung ikaw lang ang may gusto sa kanya.. grabe! >_<

SuperAnj Quotes

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Sa lahat ng bagay ang puso ang pinakamatibay..


kasi kahit paulit-ulit pa itong masugatan,

hindi pa rin ito humihinto sa pagtibok sa kanyang napupusoan.


#martyr nga lang,,hehe 😀