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Something sweet..

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I always view relationship as a partnership. We have to invest in order to gain. As for me, I really would want to cook but I don’t know how to. So first  on myTHINGS TO LEARN list is to learn how to cook especially on baking. I really like baking cakes, or cookies or as long as its sweets. 😀 




Maybe, the first thing I would try to bake is the fruit pastry cake… 



or maybe a pan cake? 😀





Ugh, they are just so yummy.. I can’t help but get excited on things I would really want to try someday. Cooking is just one of those many things for I believe that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach 😉


11/02/13 Saints & Souls

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Together with my family, we celebrated our “UNDAS” in my hometown. After a very tiring night shift from work last Oct. 31.. I survived the Zombie mode and was able to surpassed the line in the terminal coz of countless passengers that were also excited about going home to celebrate their Undas. I thought I would not make it to be home because of my busy schedule but gladly, God found ways ^_^

I only slept  a maximum of 2 hours a day from Nov. 1 to Nov. 3… I was so tired and just had my rest last night.. today’s my off and will be on duty again tomorrow morning. sigh. Anyway, here are the random pictures taken last Nov. 1 and 2.. ❤


~together with my cousins: Day 2 :The day wherein we will be in the cemetery to offer prayers and flowers to our loved ones who passed away. I forgot to tell you that we stayed all night in the cemetery last Nov. 1 til the morning of Nov. 2.. 😀 That’s one of the reasons why I dont have enough proper sleep. :p


Nov 1 : we’ve had this thing since before, praying for all the souls and saints in heaven.. foods were being offered in front of the altar. After that, the food will be served in the table ❤


Chocolate Moron

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Chocolate Moron from Leyte. Thank you Loveky Rin Lumantao — eating leyte’s chocolate moron


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3/29/2013 BINIGNIT.

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Glutinous rice porridge with coconut cream, blended with some fruits and root crops like yam, sweet potato, and the like, sweetened with sugar..

“AMPALAYA with egg and hipon “

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“AMPALAYA with egg and hipon


-Cooked this during lunch time @ house.. I have been practicing on how to cook some dishes during my vacation period.