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The day after the heartbreak..

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I was not in my usual happy mood last October 26 because my mom and I had a misunderstanding… but then, even if I was so down and very disappointed… I was thankful that I have friends that will always be there for me thru good or bad. It was like a bipolar night for me due to the reason that Eleanor, one of my friends.. called  our boarding house via phone and my mom was the one who answered it. We had a plan to celebrate the fiesta at Halmes’ place so she decided to ask the persmission of my mom. And me, forgetting to give her a briefing about what Ive told mom.. she told her that we will go to the fiesta instead of telling a lie. YAH! I lied to my mom just for me to go with my friends because my family decided to go back to our hometown in the morning instead of the aftie… so I have no choice but to tell a lie just for her to let me just follow them in the aftie… but gladly, it was all settled… I was, luckily, able to celebrate the fiesta with my friends.. 😀 



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hahaha sabi nila bagay kami pero anak ng tokwa naman, pinakamatalik kong kaibigan lang naman kaso hinahaluan ng malisya o pinagkakatuwaan kami ng mga kaibigan namin..paano ba naman, bagay daw kaming dalawa.. matutuwa ba ako kapag nalaman nyong BAKLA yan? hahaha haaay naku, mga kaibigan talaga (POKER FACE)


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HAH! A dream come true when I became a model last friday…a model of pizza. haha..kidding aside, I was so glad that time because the boyfriend of my dutymate sent her 2 boxes of pizza.. how sweet right? and I was lucky to be one of the eaters nyek! xD


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Pop! Look who’s making fun on my attendance sheet.. someone’s putting some smileys, hearty’s and flower2 lol. It’s weird, mushy, yet sweet. Made me laugh though. :p

Memoirs | Psychiatric Nursing | Role-playing.

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One of the most unforgettable moments during my college life was the time when we had our role-playing as psychia patients. Seriously, we look stupid. Kfinedot. haha! All is well. :3

What if..

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Argh! I am so bored and so many thoughts are running through my mind right now. What if  I become a country’s President, or a queen/princess, or what if I am a bird, or a dog… WHAT IF I AM A SUPER WOMAN?


Can I solve all the problems of all the people? Can I save the planet earth?


Weird, but what if? xxxx


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Spent my whole day renovating my Tumblr and I never regret it. 🙂 Other than that, also had a great time taking pictures with my family. They look so cute 😀




um, What else..

o yes.. right now, I’m watching GGV “GANDANG GABI VICE” and I really love the voice of Charice (I don’t know the correct spelling of her name)






Still thinking what to add on my blog.  hm, Aw, yea.. a friend of mine who is also a nurse, Eric, visited me today. He just asked me about what are my plans for the coming year 2013. I just answered him which I quote, ” we’ll see when I get there”

Honestly, wala.. stranded talaga ako ngayon. Nag-iintay ng magandang tyempo at sign ni God. hehe.. PATIENCE IS A VIRTUE. And I believe and trust His plans for me. ❤

Dito na muna. lablab xoxo