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Give a Heart!

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Central Philippines was badly hit by super typhoon Haiyan. This super typhoon, according to reports, was the strongest storm to hit landfall in recorded history. Images from the badly hit cities are heartbreaking. Every day, the victims cried out for food, water, and clothing that these people run into troubles of hunting their own food over time. The winner killsthe loser dies! :( YET NOTHING IS IN FULL CONTROL. These people, we call them survivors but what possibly happens next is that they might die the same!

Our hearts do understand & try not to put us in rage despite the crisis that these people are extremely burning out their own candles! Let us all feel the need of these people not just in Tacloban City but to those who are equally dying in pain & hunger, equally homeless orphans in other places like Bogo, Bantayan Island, Leyte, & Ormoc.

I know our country can get through this. Filipinos know typhoons better than anyone else. And we know how to get up after a catastrophe and still remember how to smile. But we can’t do it alone. We need help. All we need to give is a fair share. Give a heart! : Our group will have a Feeding Program this coming November 25 at the Northern part of Cebu. So, I humbly ask anybody who reads this to spare a little bit of any donations (foods, clothing, over the counter medicine and personal hygiene items) for the victims of Haiyan. We also accept monetary donations. For those who would like to donate, please contact me or message me here on Facebook. You don’t need to have super powers to become a hero :)



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Dear Diary,

Hey its been a while.. allow me to share what I realized today.

Sometimes, I gained life lessons by walking in the street after a tiring duty. Through that, I occasionally noticed those homeless people sleeping in the sidewalk in their fetal position, those kids begging for penny or foods, and those we call “not in their proper mind slash mentally retarded human beings” who are drinking water from dirty canals…

This morning, while I was on my way home, I opt to walk instead of riding on a tricycle. I saw this old woman sleeping in the sidewalk, near CCMC in front of the school. She’s wearing a very dirty clothes and there are lots of bruises on her skin, but there’s this one big lesion on her left leg. I felt helpless. I didn’t want her to feel less-than human and less-than worthwhile. I didn’t want her to be without a roof and a bed, and I didn’t want her to be invisible. Invisible. That’s what it was. In that moment, I saw her, and I held the power to allow her to go back to being invisible. Who am I? I thought. My heart hurt with confusion.. After all, like her, I too am poor…so I decided to just passed by..

then I suddenly stopped. then instead of, Who am I? I tried to ask, Who am I to not? So, I went back at her, getting all my foods inside my bag that were not being touched by me during my breaktime because I didn’t find a time to eat them. I was so sorry for I was not able to help her about her wounds… if only I have materials for wound dressing, if only I have money to help her, if only I have time to look for a geriatric home for her..

I can’t save the world and stop the pain. Nor can I save myself from hurting. But simple acts of love, one homeless and hurting human to another really does go a long way.

Moral Lesson: Take a look around you and then take a closer look at the people struggling around you and be thankful for everything God has blessed you with!!



Hope For Street Children In Cebu

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Two street kids who dropped by in our boarding house. A little girl her younger brother.

Cebu, Philippines.

The simplest and the most valuable thing you can give to a child is time. Rather than brushing them off to make your way to the next tourist site, spend some time to ask them their names, what they like to do, or their favorite games.

Even if I don’t have anything like money and power, I still have the courage to help those poor little children in the street in my own simple ways. I thank all my friends who donated their used clothes. Pictures below:





Children all over the world deserve a future is the first step in the right direction. As Dr. Loretta Scott famously said: “We can’t help everyone, but everyone can help someone.”