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False hope

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Orginally written last December.


Dear Diary,


What hurts the most is living in a fantasy full of hopes, building impossible dreams, being with the UNTOUCHABLE people you love to be with, getting all you want and being in a world where you won’t get hurt and rejected but you know that those are things that so impossible to happen; even a tiny chance, those hopes have no knowable chance of coming to fruition; and that sucks!

It’s so hard to be happy when you know you’ll hurt someone because of your happiness. But what will you choose if you’re at my place? Self-happiness? Or  would you  rather let others be happy even if it means killing your own happiness? I don’t want to give someone false hopes because I know how it feels to be blinded by those fantasy hopes.

I don’t know what to feel. I hate talking about it. I am so scared to face it that any moment from now I would rather choose to run away from making those decisions than choosing an option.

Anyway, I still have time to think. I’ll leave it here as of now but be right back when I have a peace of mind.

PS. Thank you for being always there.

In Dilemma,



You Can But Can’t

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You can close your eyes to the things you don’t wanna see

But you know deep inside, heart can still see.

You can lie to people that you’re okay

But the truth from your eyes,  all they ask is a lil honesty.

You can run from your fears which haunted you every day

But you can’t move forward if you don’t face the reality.

You can stop right now from this journey anyway,

But still, you can’t for the reason life must stay.

The bittersweet irony of life, I must say.

Love is where you are…

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Magic in your eyes, sparkling through mine..

Your smile that flashes light, it’s like sunshine in the sky.

You color my dark side with your paintings that are so nice…

You ask me what’s my favorite shade, it’s you I said.

It’s like I’m dreaming in the night,

For a brave like you my knight.

Hope is where my heart,

The heart is where my love

Love is where you are.

Hope For Street Children In Cebu

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Two street kids who dropped by in our boarding house. A little girl her younger brother.

Cebu, Philippines.

The simplest and the most valuable thing you can give to a child is time. Rather than brushing them off to make your way to the next tourist site, spend some time to ask them their names, what they like to do, or their favorite games.

Even if I don’t have anything like money and power, I still have the courage to help those poor little children in the street in my own simple ways. I thank all my friends who donated their used clothes. Pictures below:





Children all over the world deserve a future is the first step in the right direction. As Dr. Loretta Scott famously said: “We can’t help everyone, but everyone can help someone.”