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Dear Diary,

Hey its been a while.. allow me to share what I realized today.

Sometimes, I gained life lessons by walking in the street after a tiring duty. Through that, I occasionally noticed those homeless people sleeping in the sidewalk in their fetal position, those kids begging for penny or foods, and those we call “not in their proper mind slash mentally retarded human beings” who are drinking water from dirty canals…

This morning, while I was on my way home, I opt to walk instead of riding on a tricycle. I saw this old woman sleeping in the sidewalk, near CCMC in front of the school. She’s wearing a very dirty clothes and there are lots of bruises on her skin, but there’s this one big lesion on her left leg. I felt helpless. I didn’t want her to feel less-than human and less-than worthwhile. I didn’t want her to be without a roof and a bed, and I didn’t want her to be invisible. Invisible. That’s what it was. In that moment, I saw her, and I held the power to allow her to go back to being invisible. Who am I? I thought. My heart hurt with confusion.. After all, like her, I too am poor…so I decided to just passed by..

then I suddenly stopped. then instead of, Who am I? I tried to ask, Who am I to not? So, I went back at her, getting all my foods inside my bag that were not being touched by me during my breaktime because I didn’t find a time to eat them. I was so sorry for I was not able to help her about her wounds… if only I have materials for wound dressing, if only I have money to help her, if only I have time to look for a geriatric home for her..

I can’t save the world and stop the pain. Nor can I save myself from hurting. But simple acts of love, one homeless and hurting human to another really does go a long way.

Moral Lesson: Take a look around you and then take a closer look at the people struggling around you and be thankful for everything God has blessed you with!!





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Pop! Look who’s making fun on my attendance sheet.. someone’s putting some smileys, hearty’s and flower2 lol. It’s weird, mushy, yet sweet. Made me laugh though. :p


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Hello to my new weight which is 45kg from 39kg. I am very glad to finally reach my desired weight. Yehey!!!!!! And tadaaaa am feeling like a blooming flower waiting for the bee lol..

8days absent from my single diary but I think you guys are getting used to my absences.. like you care right? hehe.. Anyway, nothing’s new about my lovelifebut unfortunately, in talking about my crush life, I think the heart of my gorgeous conceited crush beats for another flowerbut it’s okay with me.. I’ll just look for another bee. nyehehe!

Other than sharing about my crush life, I am also excited about my orientation next week. Hopefully, I’ll have the best duty shift and duty rotations ever. I so misssssss wearing white uniforms with my nursing cap. Help me God. Hoping too that God will always guide me wherever I amso mom won’t be worried about me getting home late after duty. That’s all for today. Ciao! 🙂

I wish I was a RAINDROP!

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..Because they are the bravest things that God made since they are not afraid of falling.

Eversince, one of my fears is FALLING. FALLING in everything. Falling from top to the ground, desired goals falling (failures) and falling in love. FALLING sounds really scary… It scares me because I know my emotions are attached to that frightening word and knowing my emotion? well, kinda bipolar.

A River of Life

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Originally written on  5/7/2013

Time is like a river. You cannot touch the same water twice, because the flow that has passed will never pass again. Enjoy every moment of life!



Finally, it’s really good to be back after a heartbreak. A heartbreak not because of love but because of a broken dream.. I was depressed and c couldn’t even move a bit ‘cause of another waves of trials. I maybe smiling on the outside where in fact I wasn’t. But I realized that I should not waste my time feeling down and clogged up. Time can’t be rewinded… thus, we have to look forward and move on.

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Every relationship can be a lesson in self-worth. The person who is the hardest to forgive is the one who can teach you the greatest lessons. It’s important to remember, that if you believe that “We Are All One,” its virtually impossible to find that hurting another “feels good.” For hurting another means hurting yourself. So-called “irresponsible behavior” vanishes and you’re gifted with the freedom to create a new life.


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“You know, it’s been said that we just don’t recognize the significant moments in our lives while they’re happening. That we grow complacent with ideas or things or people, and we take them for granted, and it’s usually not until that thing is about to be taken away from you, that you realize how wrong you’ve been, that you realize how much you really need it, how much you love it.” -One Tree Hill

GOODBYE MARCHThank you so much! 

  • For the HAPPINESS. Celebrating the recognition day of my brotha with my family, sharing the joy of my cousins who graduated, the pleasure of being an emcee of the Campus Star Grand Finals and the gladness of meeting my high school batchmates.
  • For the Sorrows and Trials. Sometimes you have to experience the bad, so that you can learn to appreciate the good things that enter your life.
  • For all the Disappointments. When I try planning my own life, I forgot that God has a better plan for me. I’ve learned that everything can change in the blink of an eye and tears often come without invitation. I’ve learned crying can make us stronger and there’s never too much love to go around.
  • For all the Surprises. The feeling was so nice when you never expect something you thought won’t happen anymore. The time when I was so down, a week after that, an amazing surprise knocks my yahoo mail. One of the best things I’ve received this month.
  • For the unending love and support of my family. Without them, I don’t think I can be this happy. They are my support system, my everything. 🙂
  • You’ll never know what you’re capable of until you take that first step and go for it… 🙂

Moreover, I was so glad because I have met all my goals this month.

  • Hair has been rebonded
  • watched movies
  • laugh a lot
  • read books
  • Has been accepted by my dream school
  • ate delicious foods
  • celebrated Holy Week
  • had an Easter Egg Hunting

Thank you Lord God!  🙂