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Thursday Get Away! (late post)

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“Your friends are the fruitcake of your life – some are nutty, some are soaked in alcohol, some firm, & some sweet. Here’s to my fruitcakes!”

BACK! Hahaha well, not actually.. been busy at work and left my blog in hiatus however I always give even just an hour for tumblr if its my rest day!

So to start my post today, I wanna share with you my day yesterday with my friends. I was not really sure that I can make it to SM with them because I have a pm shift this week and sometimes it would take me 10hours to sleep before my waking schedule. hehe

The group decided to meet at exactly 10am in the morning at McDonalds SM.. I was late for 30minutes because of traffic.. Sinulog and the novena mass everyday make Cebu more crowded. Then, Stephine was more late than me.ugh, sya na talaga ang Reyna! -_-


Not like during our training phase, we always have time for each other like movie house, watching cinema together, singing at the ktv or just random stuff we did before. Its hard to meet each other now because of our individual’s schedule differences… Two of us there, Steph and I were still have a pm shift yesterday and we’re late for 15minutes. while Bryan had a night shift (10pm to 6am today) :p


I have to post a picture of beth..on the left side because she was not in the first picture.. 🙂



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Why look behind you, you can’t change it. Why fret over the future, it’s not here yet. Why don’t you live for today, and make it so wonderful and worth remembering! – Super Anj

I was with my cousins this afternoon to relax my mind from negative thoughts. My Tuesday’s worth to laugh..

To anyone out there, remember that life is like dance… Sometimes we lead, sometimes we follow… Don’t worry about what we don’t know… What’s important is, we LEARN as we GO

A Dazzling Christmas 2012

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A DAZZLING CHRISTMAS. O yes.. Finally had taken a picture with the BIG CHRISTMAS TREE in SM. lol. Beside me: Monna 🙂


TRES MARIAS. Nhamie asked the handsome man to take a picture of us. He said, I quote, “Um, I don’t know how to use this camera..” and then he smiled with the cutest smile. Nhamie taught him how to..and then Viola, this is the result. 🙂


THE RED COUCH. Waiting for Santa 🙂


Where to go?


Tongue OUT.. Twas the time when Nhamie called me to have a wacky pose.


*Insert Englsih caption * bla.bla. :z