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010714 Vitamins given by the hospital for free to boost our immune system for optimal immunity against harmful germs and a box of cute adhesive bandage! Hasthtag#thankyouAHC yey!  ☤ ☤


Double off? Nope..

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I was absent from work yesterday and today’s my off. I am planning not to go on duty tomorrow if the weather’s too bad.. Maybe that will be the time I’m going to experience FORCE MAJEURE.

You know, so many things are running on my mind right now like questions that I don’t know what to answer. Last October 15, we experienced Earthquake here in Cebu and another calamity will again test our faith and preparedness this week… yea, have you heard the news about Super Typhoon #Yolanda that will hit Central Visayas? Ugggghhh when will all of these end?

I am really confused about my responsibility whether to go on duty tomorrow or not. My profession isn’t easy. Being a nurse is not easy… it is selfless. Serving humanity is easy but it becomes hard when nature is your enemy. 😦

092013 Save the best for last..

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Since I became a registered nurse, nursing has offered me not only a rewarding career but a way to give back to society. It has allowed me to enter people’s lives and touch them, even if only for a brief moment. I have been fortunate enough to be able to both laugh and cry with my patients, often all in the same shift. I have seen births and witnessed deaths, both of which can be very rewarding. Holding someone’s hand as they let go from the world can be very emotionally draining for a nurse but also gratifying at the same time, knowing that you have done all you can to help that patient and accompanied him as he entered another place. Nursing has allowed me the opportunity to care for the sick, promote health in the well, and advocate for all.
Nursing has brought me a great many friendships and mentors that I cherish. It has taught me to be selfless and to give more of myself and expect less from others. Nursing has taught me about being a professional and earning respect, not expecting it. It has taught me about leadership and teamwork, both of which are necessary to succeed in this profession.

Lastly, this profession has taught me that as one door closes another door opens, allowing for countless opportunities as a registered nurse.

Haaay, Thank You Adventist Hospital Cebu for all!

090613 | Last day duty in the Operating Room

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I work in a profession that puts no cap on learning, each day is filled with new and exciting learning experiences. I learned to always assume that our sedated patient can hear us; to ALWAYS treat ALL patients with respect. I also realized that when I have an opportunity to learn something new, I should grab it with both hands. Sometimes, we have to sacrifice our personal needs like meals, needing to go to the comfort room, etc. How to communicate with grouchy, mean doctors was not taught in pathophysiology.. good thing I was ready to deal with docs who frankly see me as the bane of their existence. haha! Ok, I’m generalizing here, yet the truth remains..  Lastly I was not prepared for the camaraderie I would form with the doctors and nurses I work with and the patients I care for. We nurses are in a business of people: good, bad, beautiful, ugly, functional, dysfunctional, alive and dead. People are our vocation as RNs and nothing is more rewarding than that!  Indeed, nurses are LIFETIME learners. charvakee!


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Last Wednesday we had our batch meeting.We talked about our upcoming recognition day that will be on September 24. Haaaay time flies so fast… the end is almost near.. im sure Im going to miss this group! 😦

080813 | Keep the Beat

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I glanced at the wall clock as I finish off my breakfast with the last sip of coffee at 5:10 am. I arrived 15 minutes before the devotional prayer had started. After that, I warmed up and whispered to myself, “I can do this” as I get ready to face anything that may happen within my 8-hour duty shift. I grabbed the assignment notebook first and tried to read through my assigned buddy and patient’s names. I was surprised to know that instead of having my duty in the medical ward, I was assigned to the ICU, perhaps. tadaa!

The ICU is where seriously sick persons are admitted and are cared for by specially trained nurses. They need a higher level of care compared to those patients admitted in wards. They should be monitored intensively and are closely monitored. Even though the ratio of patients and nurses is 1:1, some still consider it stressful being an ICU nurse. Since nurses are assigned to one patient each, each is expected to render comprehensive care to the clientele. Vital signs and GCS monitoring is needed every 15minutes, measuring the urine output every hour too is required, due meds should be given on time, etc.
My 8-hour shift is now over. I feel fulfilled to know that today, I learned many things about ICU and about my patient’s case.

Moral Lesson: One never knows what will come through the door next.

Sorry for being HIATUS

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Hi guys. I’m sure you’ve all noticed that I’ve been MIA lately. I just want to let you all know that I am currently busy with my work as an ICU Specialized Nurse at the same time an on call nurse.. Finally, makakatikim na rin ako ng sweldo sa sarili kong sikap ❤ So mag-uupdate ako ngayon ng blog ko kahit na late post na.. 🙂