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Why look behind you, you can’t change it. Why fret over the future, it’s not here yet. Why don’t you live for today, and make it so wonderful and worth remembering! – Super Anj

I was with my cousins this afternoon to relax my mind from negative thoughts. My Tuesday’s worth to laugh..

To anyone out there, remember that life is like dance… Sometimes we lead, sometimes we follow… Don’t worry about what we don’t know… What’s important is, we LEARN as we GO



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One of the precious things that shouldn’t be wasted is TIME. I believe  that the time is a healer, a memory keeper, a dream reminder and a teacher. It helps you during your healing period, those times your heart’s broken and you almost hate the world coz of the pain you’ve had. A memory keeper which rewinds everything in the past. Those memories that couldn’t be brought back again in the present. A dream reminder which allows you to keep intact with reality, that today is also important for it affects your future. And lastly, a teacher because it teaches us so many things in life. Regrets, as we all know because of the mistakes we’ve made in the past; unfortunately, we couldn’t bring back the time. And so, we realized not to waste time anymore for it is so precious as gold.

To Forget the Past

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Allow me to share this with you. I have tried relating my little knowledge about Amnesia into forgetting someone you loved.

Having these types of amnesia is very useful if someone wants to forget one specific thing/person in the past. Bulleted below:

  •  Repressed memory, one of the various types of amnesia that refers to the inability to recall information, usually about stressful or traumatic events in persons’ lives. For an instance,Rejection, for some people, is very traumatic. With this type of amnesia, you won’t be able to remember even tiny details about the incident.
  •  Lacunar amnesia which is the loss of memory about one specific event. For an instance, forgetting those sweet moments you and your ex had.
  • Prosopamnesia is the inability to recognize or remember faces, even in the presence of intact facial recognition capabilities. If that will happen, then you won’t remember the person you like to forget the most even if you will meet accidentally.

God’s Daily Message for me (:

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Thank you for answering, Papa God ♥ 🙂

The Pilgrims Journey

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Riding on a train, never know where I’ve been;
Train that so long, strangers all along.
So many routes, I don’t know what this all about;
Lost my way out, fears will burst out.

Hiding this sorrow for the sake of my tomorrow,
A life that is like an arrow, it teaches me how to grow.
I wish a simple journey, for me to arrive safely,
But God has great plans for me, so I will let it be.