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Kitty Kagumi, such a cudie!

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hello. Meet my cudie kitty, Kagumi! 😉 ❀


Cuddling with Hachiko!

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it’s a nice day!


Well, just another ordinary day but I can say t’s a nice one. Cuddling

with HACHIKO baby! ❀

my new pet cat!

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Welcome to the family “LUNINGNING” name: Luningning age: ageless sex: gay address: boarding house of superanj job: killing rats haha -my new pet cat! ❀


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Until you have loved an animal deep within your heart, you can never understand the pain of losing one.



Yesterday, my new puppy died because of Canine parvovirus. According to wikipedia,  is a particularly deadly disease among young puppies, about 80% fatal, causing gastrointestinal tract damage and dehydration as well as a cardiac syndrome in very young pups. It is spread by contact with an infected dog’s feces. Symptoms include lethargy, severe diarrhea, fever, vomiting, loss of appetite, and dehydration.

I was so disappointed and so sad looking at its dead body 😩 I even cried hugging that little creature… T_T

Rest in peace Poh=Poh. 😩