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Every relationship can be a lesson in self-worth. The person who is the hardest to forgive is the one who can teach you the greatest lessons. It’s important to remember, that if you believe that “We Are All One,” its virtually impossible to find that hurting another “feels good.” For hurting another means hurting yourself. So-called “irresponsible behavior” vanishes and you’re gifted with the freedom to create a new life.



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If I were to choose about the kind of partner I would love to have, well honestly, I love to have a man who’ll court my family first before courting me. Yes, it means so much to me because in that way I can really feel his sincerity towards me and it also shows that he respects my family as much as he respects me. Without acceptance and affection of us as a couple, I could risk the relationships I have with my family members, and I don’t like that. I also believe that it would be so amazing to have a boyfriend who’s close to your siblings, a boyfriend who cares for your family so much and a boyfriend whom your family loves to.

Other than that, I don’t have any other standards in choosing a partner as long as I can see his sincerity and that he’s willing to accept me for what I am and my family.

I always have this on my mind that if ever I’ll find that special guy who’ll make my heart beats again and would do everything for me… I will do my best to love him more than he loves me.

The kind of relationship I like..

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Someone asked me to choose between having a compatible relationship or the contrary which has lots of differences. I opt for the latter.


Simply because of some reasons. First, having a magnet-like relationship is such a challenging one. It needs more effort, a lot of patience and more understanding. But even if it demands a lot from you, still it helps both the couple to grow. Second, opposite attracts. Of course it’s true, well, that’s what I believe due to the reason that you are very curious about your partner and so you’ll find ways to discover things about her/him; about her/his personality, what are the things that will make him/her happy, or let’s just say you wanna know everything about him/her. Discovering things about your partner attracts you more and pull you closer to him/her. Lastly, you’ll learn vast amounts of lessons for this kind of relationship and it will make you more mature as you both face your differences in life.

The flower in the garden..

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According to H. Jackson Brown, Jr. Quotation, “Children, marriages and flower gardens reflect the kind of care they get. “ Indeed! I believe that life is like a mirror, there’s always a reflection on every little thing you do. For an instance, what can you expect to a flower in the garden receiving less care from a gardener? I can say, there’s a greater chance that it will die soon enough. Same with any relationships, if a person is receiving only a little attention, a little care and a little love, you can somehow expect an unhappy child, a rebellious teenager, an attention seeker girlfriend, a jealous boyfriend, an unfaithful wife or husband or even a broken family who craves for more of your attention. If not given enough care, relationships, like a flower in the garden, will soon, die.