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One of the precious things that shouldn’t be wasted is TIME. I believe  that the time is a healer, a memory keeper, a dream reminder and a teacher. It helps you during your healing period, those times your heart’s broken and you almost hate the world coz of the pain you’ve had. A memory keeper which rewinds everything in the past. Those memories that couldn’t be brought back again in the present. A dream reminder which allows you to keep intact with reality, that today is also important for it affects your future. And lastly, a teacher because it teaches us so many things in life. Regrets, as we all know because of the mistakes we’ve made in the past; unfortunately, we couldn’t bring back the time. And so, we realized not to waste time anymore for it is so precious as gold.


The Pilgrims Journey

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Riding on a train, never know where I’ve been;
Train that so long, strangers all along.
So many routes, I don’t know what this all about;
Lost my way out, fears will burst out.

Hiding this sorrow for the sake of my tomorrow,
A life that is like an arrow, it teaches me how to grow.
I wish a simple journey, for me to arrive safely,
But God has great plans for me, so I will let it be.