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“Image your goal. Hold that image in consciousness. Keep that image always before you and your goal will materialize.”


THE CREATIVE ANTICIPATIONS really work! Habitual expectations really attract corresponding circumstances and events. Wohoh! 😀


The Power of Positive Thinking

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Before I will turn off the light tonight, I would like to share my random thoughts I have on my mind right now. It’s like I was at the same boat a year ago while I was having my review for my NLE.  The feeling of being nervous about what will be the result and the thought that scares the hell out of me. Well, I thank myself for being an optimistic person… but sometimes, I also feel weak and down, worried and scared. What gives me hope and strength to do the best that I can is my supportive family.  I know I can make it. I trust myself and God, together we can make it. ❤

I can get over these  big mountains of difficulties by thinking over them. . IT IS ALL IN THE MIND !

On December 2, Bring it ON! And after that day, I will be a certified TOEFL PASSER! 🙂 Be Positive!!! 🙂

good night Philippines :*